Posted on Jan 15, 2019

Dr Michael Wiggett - Durban North Chiropractor

We all hope you had a fun Holiday Season of chilling-out with family or friends. As 2019 kicks into full gear this week, many of us are back to work, back to school and feeling a bit stressed from all the "Things To Do" in 2019. Many of us have added a LONG list of things to our plate, labelled "must accomplish in the next 12 months". Which is great! However...

STOP..PAUSE..BREATHE..Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

One step at a time, we will ease into this new year a bit wiser, healthier, smarter and better looking (with our newly tanned bodies). Don't forget to take care of your SELF amongst the chaos. Your HEALTH is important! Stay focused and organized by self care. Take time to PAUSE this year. Take time to BREATHE this year. When you pause and breathe, you are more clear in your thoughts, intentions and actions.

How We "STOP... PAUSE" and Organize Our Goals for 2019

1. Write out a To Do List & Goals
2. Prioritize Your List
3. Ask Yourself if any of it can be done by someone else
4. Get the Easiest ones over with right away
5. Check Your List Daily
6. ASK - Are you on Track to progress?

If yes, YEA keep it going! If the answer is no, ask yourself why?

Let's all make this year better than the last by being better than the last years version of yourself. Stop, Pause, Breathe and keep moving forward as the new "2019" you.

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